Privacy policy

1.About collecting personal information

When collecting personal information, we will determine the person responsible for handling, clarify the purpose of collection, and do so to the extent necessary for achieving lawful and fair purposes.
We will properly manage the collected personal information, limit the use to the extent that the consent of the information provider is obtained, and do not disclose or provide it to any other third parties.

2.About the use and management of personal information

Establish an in-house system to take precautionary precautions against unauthorized access, tampering, destruction, leakage, loss and the like against personal information, to ensure the safety and accuracy of personal information, promptly We will implement corrective measures.

3.About collecting personal information

We will comply with laws on personal information, socially recognized guidelines and other norms.
We will formulate a compliance program (in compliance with JIS Q 15001) for the protection of personal information, and will promote and adhere to the entire company and will also conduct necessary education, enlightenment and audit.

4.About formulation, implementation, maintenance, improvement of personal information protection provision

We will review the compliance program for personal information protection in light of the business environment as necessary, continuously improve and endeavor to maintain appropriate management.

5.Consultation about personal information, about complaints

Inquiries concerning personal information protection
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