"Telomere CLOCK" ticking in at the end of life

Telomere can also be said to be a watch that determines the age to be incorporated into human cells.
As the human cell divides, it gets shorter, and when it reaches the limit length of impairing genetic information it leads to cell death and sends a scientific signal saying that it cannot divide any more, such as causing cancer.

Is it possible to rewind a telomere CLOCK?

It was proven by researcher Hayflick in 1961 that the limit number of cell division in human cells are 50 to 60 times.
This means, our lifespan depends on the counting of the telomere clock.
So will it be possible to suppress the shortening of telomeres, and rewind the telomere clock?

A creature with a mechanism that does not shorten telomere?

In the lobster cells, an enzyme called "telomerase" that extends the specific repetitive sequence of telomeres is produced.
The main function of this enzyme is to add a base to the end of the chromosome as the telomeres become shorter. In other words, the cell expressing telomerase will put back the needle of the clock which means that the lifetime countdown will not proceed.

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Unfortunately, telomerase activity has only been observed in germ cells, stem cells, and cancer cells in humans. However, in other cells telomerase activity is scarcely seen. After all, it seems like we cannot avoid the phenomenon called aging ...

Discovery of human telomerase

In 1996, Dr. Bill has discovered that telomerase gene exist in each human cell, and if the DNA adjacent to the telomerase gene has one or more binding sites with a specific protein and the protein binds, the cell no longer expresses telomerase.

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Discovery of telomerase inducible substances

The telomerase in human cells that is suppressed by a repressor also can turn on the telomerase gene of every cell in the human body by pulling it apart and preventing the repressor from binding to the DNA with an appropriate substance that can make the telomerase gene to be expressed.
This substance is called "TAM".


Currently the latest telomerase induced activation substance【TAM】is compared with "TA 65" which was transferred by Dr. Bill and commercialized by a US pharmaceutical company (hTERT and TRAP test by Sierra Sciences), and the effect has been shown to be as powerful as 80-300 times.

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